Issue number 2 (55) / 2017


Kurka P. Z.
Lutskiv M. M.
Autotype tone reproduction correction for square raster elements Read more
Kuzma S. V.
Topolnytskyi P. V.
Critical analysis of modern equipment for trimming of book-journal blocks at the time of their transportation Read more
Shyrokov O. V.
Shyrokov V. V.
The role of three dimensions in the formation of structure and physical-mechanical properties of vanadium and alloy of the system of Vanadium–Cyriconium–Carbon Read more
Kudriashova A. V.
Pikh I. V.
Multifactorial choice of alternative options of composite edition design based on criteria linear coagulation Read more
Kandiak N. M.
Olishkevych V. Yu.
Ternytskyi S. V.
Removal of waste from die-cut cardboard blanks (experimental evaluation of technological load) Read more
Kavyn Ya. M.
Plokh D.
Prokhorenko S. V.
Diagnostics of coating with defects by the deviation of the heat field Read more


Oneshchak O. Ya.
Palyha Ye. M.
Development of the organizational and economic mechanism of publishing and printing enterprises and its influence on the competitiveness of regions Read more
Homolska V. V. Peculiarities of innovative marketing at the regional level Read more
Panchyshyn T. V. Regional benchmarking as a tool of municipal and public administration Read more
Ratushniak Yu. V.
Shtanhret A. M.
Sukhomlyn L. Ye.
Formation of the information basis for ensuring the economic security of industrial enterprises by developing a model of priority effects of key external environments Read more
Obertan D. V. Directions for improvement of organizational and economic mechanism forming economic security of enterprises management Read more
Hirniak O. M.
Lazanovskyi P. P.
Stetsiv L. P.
Risks in publishing business activity: financial, economic, social and psychological aspects Read more
Karaim M.
Shtapgret A.
Sylkip O.
System of accounting and analytical support for managing the economic security of the company Read more
Khalina O. V.
Kozachenko N. O.
Main aspects of personnel security of an enterprise Read more
Mandzinovska Kh. O.
Peretiatko I. I.
Essence description of functional constituens of enterprise economic security Read more
Shynkar S. M. Methodological tools for the formation and functioning of the mechanism for ensuring economic security of industrial enterprises Read more
Hirniak O. M.
Lazanovskyi P. P.
Modern approaches to organizing the manager’s work Read more
Shliakhetko V. V. Building a talent-based team as an effective method of management of the company Read more
Bazyliuk V. B.
Bezpalko I. R.
Organization and implementation of practice of marketing audit on publishing and printing enterprises Read more
Novyk I. V. Organization of the internal control system of an enterprise Read more
Horbal N. I.
Kohut U. I.
Vilhutska R. B.
Anti-crisis management of enterprise expenditure in international economic activities Read more
Chornenka O. B. Analysis of scientific approaches about the essence of creditization and its classification Read more
Bozhenko O. M. Reserves of increasing a technical and economic development production level Read more
Martyniv V. V.
Yankevych P. V.
Determination of directions of ink consumption rate differention in offset production Read more
Kobryn L. Y. Main components of the development mechanism of the enterprise innovative potential Read more


Haladzhun Z. V. The law of Ukraine “On printed mass media (press) in Ukraine”: evolution of the document from1992 till 2017 Read more
Hyrina T. S. Reconfiguration of media resources in the process of establishing mobile radio journalism Read more
Levytska O. S. Franko studies in the scientific heritage of Myroslav Butryn Read more
Dutchak A. A. Preconditions and history of online television appearance in Ukraine Read more
Berest I. R. The background and the environment of the appearance of workers’ mutual assistance bases among Lviv printers Read more
Kitsa M. O.
Mudra I. M.
Supplements to the newspapers: types and prospects Read more