Research of factors influencing the process of manufacturing paper bags and their quality assessment

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Koniukhova I. I., Koniukhov O. D. № 2 (67) 222-228 Image Image

The article presents the results of experimental research on the determination of influencing factors on the process of manufacturing paper bags and their quality assessment.

Glossy coated paper and ply, cardboard, designer and kraft paper, label and offset paper are most often used for the production of paper bags. Paper packaging materials are gradually replacing the usual polyethylene bags for several reasons: environmental friendliness of the material (under the influence of the environment, a paper bag decomposes many times faster than a polyethylene bag); the versatility of paper packaging materials (they are used for packing/packaging a wide variety of goods: from food to mineral fertilizers and industrial goods).

To determine the tensile strength and elongation of paper, samples of different types of paper from which packages are made are examined in the longitudinal and transverse direction of the fibers: double-sided chalked glossy paper; glossy pure cellulose paper with two-sided two-layer chalking; kraft paper and label paper. The physic-mechanical properties of different types of paper for the manufacture of paper bags are determined, which show that the highest tensile strength is chalked glossy paper with two-layer chalking and kraft paper in the longitudinal direction.

The article presents the results of constructing Ishikawa cause and effect diagram and identifies the factors that have the greatest influence on the quality of the production of paper bags. Factors affecting the quality of the production of paper bags are determined using the method of average arithmetic ranks, and Kendall’s concordance coefficient is calculated, which indicates a strong agreement among experts.

Keywords: packaging, paper bag, coated glossy paper, kraft paper, label paper, Ishikawa cause and effect diagram, arithmetic mean rank method, concordance coefficient.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2023-2-67-222-228

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