Research of the microgeometrical parameters surface of the oxy-biodegradable films

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Korotka V. O., Zatserkovna R. S. № 2 (51) 107-112 Image Image

The data of the microgeometrical parameters of the oxybiodegradable films surface research are presented in the article. The analysis of the topographies and profilograms of the samples surfaces allows to determine the maximum and minimum roughness value of the films and the ink images surface layer, as well as the highest and the average surface inequality. The impact of the additive biosupplements on the samples surface roughness is presented in the research. The changes in the films and the ink layers surfaces roughness have been analyzed. The shape and the size of the raster image points of the samples have been determined. The surface roughness of the films has been found to be different. The high smoothness is characteristic for the surface layer films based on low density polyethylene.

Keywords: oxybiodegradable film, microgeometrical parameters, microscopic irregularities, roughness, smoothness, ink layer, raster elements.

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