Semantic network of factors of composite design of the edition

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Kudriashova A. V. № 2 (53) 112-119 Image Image

The author has determined the mechanisms of using semantic networks and predicates logic. The article singles out and outlines the key factors of composite design of book editions. A semantic network of factors of compositional design has been developed. Formal language of predicates logic has been adapted according to the needs of the editorial and publishing process. Functional relationships between factors using predicates logic have been described based on the designed semantic network. The method of factors ranking has been used and improved which is used as a basis to design and describe hierarchical trees of relationships between the factors of composite design of editions. Graphs of hierarchical direct and indirect relationships between factors have been built for the first time. Prerequisites for the determination of factors values and synthesis of the models of factors priority influence on the process of composite design of editions have been formed. The basis for further study of the subject area has been created.

Keywords: composite design of the edition, semantic network, predicates logic, ranking, hierarchical trees, graphs.

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