Study of design quality of children’s publications

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Holubnyk T. S., Maik L. Ya., Zanko N. V., Pysanchyn N. S. № 1 (66) 134-145 Image Image

The article selects and describes the classification of children’s literature publications by age groups. The defining features of children’s books are singled out and some of their categories and groups are presented. Special attention is paid to the cardboard edition, namely to the peculiarity of the decoration and construction. Requirements for font design of text in publications for the first and second age groups are presented. The necessity of designing a children’s edition to pay due attention to the importance of selecting colors and creating illustrations is described, since children pay the most attention to them and get to know the book. The rules and options for illustrating a children’s book are provided. In the work, a layout of covers for children’s literature is created in the Adobe Illustrator software package (for girls and boys). Based on an in-depth analysis, the main factors, according to a survey of specialists that affect the quality of designing a children’s publication are determined. On the basis of the established factors, their mutual influence is discussed and an oriented graph is constructed between the factors of designing a children’s edition, which represents the direct and indirect effects of the factors on the researched process. On the basis of the mathematical operations performed, a multi-level structured graphic model is synthesized, in which the place of each of the factors is clearly displayed and the connections between them are reproduced. Based on the conducted research, it can be stated that the font size and composition have a significant influence on the quality of designing a children’s edition, as evidenced by the constructed model.

Keywords: children’s edition, requirements, factors, design, levels, model.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2023-1-66-134-145

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