Issue number 1 (66) / 2023


Senkivskyi V. M.
Білик О. З.
Senkivska N. Ye.
Factors of efficiency of software development methods Read more
Lutskiv M. M.
Федина Б. І.
Шевчук О. В.
Simulation of light images demodulation synthesized by the raster elements area Read more
Kudriashova A. V. Alternative post-printing processing options and level of use of book editions Read more
Liakh I. M. A fuzzy model for the removal of uninformative gene expression profiles using statistical and entropy criteria Read more
Sikora L. S.
Lysa N. K.
Марцишин Р. С.
Міюшкович Ю. Г.
Федина Б. І.
Logic – cognitive concepts in cyber security systems and game risk assessment Read more
Havrysh B. M.
Tymchenko O. V.
Кустра Н. О.
Methods of anonymization of medical databases Read more
Дулька О. Б.
Vasiuta S. P.
Sosnovska O. O.
Essence of social network platforms Read more
Федорка П. П. Information technology platform of the carpathian smart region: functions and features of formation Read more
Поліщук І. В.
Polishchuk V. V.
Повханич В. І.
A fuzzy model for assessing the level of tourist traffic in relation to infrastructure and accessibility Read more
Maik V. Z.
Кусьмерчик Я.
Dudok T. H.
Research of the influence of technological parameters of advanced vacuum forming technology on the braille quality Read more
Бережна О. Б.
Андрющенко Т. Ю.
Features of the design of text material and technical editing of brochures Read more
Holubnyk T. S.
Maik L. Ya.
Zanko N. V.
Pysanchyn N. S.
Study of design quality of children’s publications Read more
Морозов А. С.
Гресь О. М.
Metallic pigments and some aspects of their use in printing industry Read more
Джуринський Є. А.
Maik V. Z.
Preparation of illustrations for inclusive literature with the help of artificial intelligence models of image from text synthesis Read more
Четербух О. Ю.
Shakhbazov Ya. O.
Improvement of the drive mechanism of the pressure plate of the flat die-cutting press Read more
Kolomiiets A. B.
Vatuliak Yu. V.
Shustykevych A. I.
Study of geometric parameters of disc tools sets installed along the arc Read more
Homolska V. V.
Bosak I. P.
Marketing mechanisms for the implementation of business social responsibility Read more
Palyha I. Ye.
Palyha Ye. M.
Features of personnel management in entrepreneurial organizational structures in atypical conditions of economic activity Read more
Fesh M. S. Main tools of marketֺing strateֺgies of digitaֺlization of servicֺes Read more
Hirniak O. M. Small business incubators as a form of its institutional support Read more
Bazyliuk V. B.
Bezpalko I. R.
Хома О. І.
Conceptual model of managing the development of an industrial enterprise based on the formation of a system of adaptive competencies Read more
Palyha Ye. M.
Сидорченко Т. Ф.
Capital construction as a factor of economic development Read more