Study of geometric parameters of disc tools sets installed along the arc

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Kolomiiets A. B., Vatuliak Yu. V., Shustykevych A. I. № 1 (66) 172-182 Image Image

Analysis of the existing technological equipment for processing book & magazine blocks shows that there are opportunities for its improvement. A device is proposed for cutting book-magazine blocks transported by an arc trajectory with sets of eccentric disk tools. The scheme of the device, which can be integrated into production lines and perfect binding machines, is described, features of its operation and advantages are explained.

On the basis of the calculation scheme, the conditions for the most compact location of adjacent elements of each set of disk knives are determined, which ensure discrete tangential cutting for the smallest possible number of disk knives in one set. Mathematical dependencies are determined for finding rational geometric parameters of the mutual arrangement of disk tools in the polar coordinate system tied to the center of rotation of the carriages with the blocks clamped in them. The main condition is to minimize the dimensions of the cutting section within the area of its installation in the machine. The next step of the design calculation is to obtain justified mathematical dependencies for the positions of the centers of rotation of all knives of the lower and upper sets, depending on the parameters of the technological process. They are the nodal points of the curvilinear guides for both sets of tools. It is proved that the obtained curves most accurately coincide with polynomial functions of the second degree, and their coefficients for different radii of rotation of the center of the disc knives are determined. It is also found that the influence of the size of the book and magazine blocks and the number of knives in the set do not significantly affect the overall dimensions of the improved cutting section. The obtained dependencies are the basis for finding the optimal parameters of the cutting process with sets of disc knives.

The designed device allows carrying out a cutting operation on currently unused parts of the equipment, which will reduce its material and energy consumption.

Keywords: book block, disk eccentric tool, set, arc, trajectory, toolholder, profile, polynomial function, parameter.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2023-1-66-172-182

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