Synthesis of model of priority influence of factors for postpress processes design

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Kudriashova A. V. № 1 (58) 48-54 Image Image

The author presents a number of factors of postpress design, which includes eight components, namely: indexes of the publication, constructional features, operating con­ditions, a type of production, materials, a type of equipment, technological and economic calculations, a scheme of the technological process. The necessity of prioritizing the influence of isolated factors on the quality of postpress design has been formed. The method of factor ranking has been described, which consists in the synthesis of tree-like models on the basis of analysis of interconnections between factors. The main theoretical positions of this method have been given. To calculate the sum of the weights of the direct and indirect effects of the factors and their integral dependence, we introduce the corresponding notation. Numeric indices are assigned to each type of bond. Some conventional numerical values are established for weight coefficients in relation to types of interconnections. Hierarchical graphs of direct and indirect influences and direct and indirect dependencies between the factors of postpress design have been constructed. The value of weight coefficients of influences and dependencies in conditional units has been given. The calculated data for the ranking of the factors of the studied process have been determined: the set values of the number of direct and indirect influences and dependencies, the integral weight factors by the sum of the weights of all types of bonds, and the total integral values of each factor. Ranks of factors and corresponding levels of their priority have been determined. As a result of the ranking, we carry out the synthesis of the graphic model based on the obtained weight values, which reflect the priority of the influence of factors on the process. Prerequisites for the development of information technology for predictive evaluation of postpress design quality have been created.

Keywords: design of postpress processes, factor, ranking, hierarchical trees, graphs, models.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2019-1-58-48-54

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