Thermometric studies of the photopolymerizable materials photosensitivity

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Marshalok I. Y., Shybanov V. V. № 1 (50) 70-78 Image Image

The paper presents the results of studing of the kinetics of photoinitiated radical polymerization solid photopolymerizable materials (SPPM) by the thermo­metric and gravimetric (gel fraction) methods. The studies have been performed using a quasi-isothermal calorimeter and thermometric measurements interpreted as kinetic data. It has been established that the photoinitiated radical polymerization of SPPM proceeds in two stages. In the first stage from the beginning of the process and up to about 30% conversion there is a rapid polymerization with the maximum heat dissipation. The second step is a slow process of the polymerization completion. Extreme points can be described on the kinetic curves that allows to quantify the PPM photosensitivity. Comparison of the results of photosensitivity determination by known gravimetric (gel fraction) method and the proposed thermometric method indicates a good correlation between them (correlation coefficient is 0,992–0,997), which proves the correctness of the use the proposed method.

The proposed method can be applied to study the kinetics of processes of photoinitiated radical polymerization of solid and liquid PPM. Application of this method tenfold reduces the duration of the researches.

Keywords: photosensitivity of photopolymerizable materials, thermometric method, quasi-isothermal calorimeter, UV radiation, kinetics.

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