Training laboratory complex of the arranged hierarchical automatic operating system (AOS) of printing processes

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Kazmirovych O. R., Kazmirovych R. V. № 2 (51) 20-26 Image Image

The training technology for students to get experience in design and work with the SCADA systems for physical models of real printing objects control has been offered. In the training laboratory complex there used a conditional arrange of industrial networks on the three hierarchical levels: the industrial network of the level of sensors and executive mechanisms; the industrial network of controllers building on the basis of programmable logic controllers by SIEMENS (Germany) and national MIK-51 small channel controllers made by MICROL Ltd. (Ivano-Frankivsk); the information network with modern Human-Machine Interfaces tools. As the proposed programming languages of controllers we have used the most popular ones according to the MEK 61131 standard, such as LD, FBD and IL.

Keywords: training laboratory complex, ASM, SCADA system, PLC, industrial networks, printing manufacturing.

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