Trends of development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine

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The tendencies of the development of domestic social entrepreneurship, which has its peculiarities, criteria and characteristics, its role and significance, have been considered. It has been determined that social entrepreneurship as a significant mechanism of social transformation is relevant and meets modern conditions of management, combi­ning the social orientation and the commercial approach. It has been proved that in modern conditions, social entrepreneurship is the basis of socio-economic development, an effective tool for solving social problems, overcoming poverty and ensuring an adequate standard of living for citizens. It has been substantiated that the development of domestic social entrepreneurship is one of the important indicators of increasing the state’s potential, its stability and prosperity. In the course of the research, the main aspects that hamper the development of social entrepreneurship at the regional level have been identified. The essential problems, which are encountered by domestic social enterprises and which negatively influence their development, have been singled out. An attempt has been made to generalize concrete proposals regarding the prospects and trends of the development of social entrepreneurship at the regional and local levels, as well as the activation of the functioning of social enterprises.

The result of the research is the substantiation of the significance of social entrepreneurship, which ensures the effective development of society and the solution of social problems at the regional level.

Further development of methodological approaches to the effectiveness of social entrepreneurship opportunities has been made as a positive form of social change in the development of society.

The results of the study will promote the activation of social entrepreneurship and the implementation of social projects to address many of the existing problems of society.

Keywords: social entrepreneurship, social development, social enterprises, social problems, investments, social innovations.

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