Types of electronic educational publications

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The article provides attempts to develop the classification for electronic educational publications by various criteria. The reason lays in the problem that there is no single comprehensive classification and also no attempt to develop different classification by individual criteria, and this complicates the educational process as well as the process of creating and distributing electronic educational publications, because the terminological confusion often provides difficulties and the substitution of concepts when authors identify the created publication in any way they can imagine and thus mislead potential users. In addition, the classification for electronic educational edition hasn’t been produced yet and it complicates an optimal structure of such publications and thus various elements of electronic educational publications are mixed in one particular edition. And since the author can not clearly answer questions about the main themes and aims of the created publication, even didactic aims eventually fail. This article is designed to avoid terminological chaos. Harmony of terminology can only create a base for educational field’s development.

Keywords: electronic educational edition, electronic educational resource, tutorial, course book.

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