Z-scan research of silver nanocomposites

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Periv M. V. № 1 (50) 98-106 Image Image

The results of experimental researches of nonlinear refraction of silver nanoparticle composites in obedience to the standard Z-scan technique have been presented in this article. The defocusing colloids ability of different size silver nanoparticles has been found. Based on general considerations, the conclusion about the thermal nature of the nonlinear refraction of colloids has been drawn, and we have come to the conclusion about kerriv nature of nonlinearity for flat systems of silver alloyed borate glass Li2B4O7:Ag annealed in a vacuum or in air.

Keywords: silver nanoparticles, plasmon resonance, Z-scan, nolinear re­frac­tion, nonlinear absorption.

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