Actual issues of the information economy forming

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Hnatiuk Ya. I., Homolska V. V. № 1 (50) 159-166 Image Image

In the article the spiral model of the society development has been researched, reflecting the main economic conditions of information economy formation: limited resources, the growth of information and telecommunication technologies, the consumption of intellectual services.. It is proved that the reasons of the personal characteristics changes in the information economy are: the investments in human capital increase, the need for continuing education for the entire life cycle of an employee, the inseparability of the information capital from its carrier - a person. Based on these studies, the industry model of the information economy has been proposed, consisting of the four differemt sectors which depend on the form and kind of human activity. In the structure of the information capital, which is considered as a driving forces factor of the mechanism of institutional changes in the information economy, it is proposed to allocate public, corporate and individual forms.

Keywords: information, information society, information economy, an information capital factor.

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