Diagnostics of coating with defects by the deviation of the heat field

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Kavyn Ya. M., Plokh D., Prokhorenko S. V. № 2 (55) 61-65 Image Image

The laboratory model and physical characteristics of its elements for the study of hidden defects of the surface have been presented on the basis of the analysis of zonal deviation of the heterogeneity of the temperature field induced by the directional heat flux. The results of calculations have been presented using the temperature distribution diagram in the area of hidden surface defects. The thermal visualization of the results has been presented by simulating the heat field propagation process and zonal deviation of its heterogeneity in the area of hidden surface defects with the application of different geometry of the nozzles (location modes) and, correspondingly, with a different angle of incidence of the heat flux to the area of the surface with hidden defects.

Keywords: multiphysical model, hidden surface defect, temperature distribution, nozzle geometry, thermographic chamber, thermoair soldering station, pulsed optical heating.

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