Kavyn Ya. M.

Year Author(s) Title Number
2018 Kavyn Ya. M. Modeling of laser heating of an object on the basis of optimization of grid construction with geometric object splitting № 1 (56)
2018 Kavyn Ya. M.
Manko O. V.
The influence of the surface plastic deformation (rolling finishing) on the roughness of the chrome steel surface, which has an external composite zone № 2 (57)
2017 Kavyn Ya. M.
Plokh D.
Prokhorenko S. V.
Diagnostics of coating with defects by the deviation of the heat field № 2 (55)
2012 Kavyn O. M.
Kavyn Ya. M.
Перспективи розитку міжнародного співробітництва вищими навчальними закладами України № 2 (39)