Method of an expert survey to identify the information security factors for mobile devices

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The article presents the technology of the expert survey organization. It outlines the main stages of the examination and methods for their implementation. The requirements for the development of organizational and methodological recommendations for collective absentee survey of experts on the basis of questionnaires and evaluation of information security factors have been provided in the form of fuzzy sets to determine the extent of their impact on the quality of data security on mobile devices. They have determined the minimum required number of experts for interviewing. The methodology assessing the competence of experts and the requirements for the formation of evaluation questionnaires have been also provided. The prospects for improving of the survey method by implementing a software tool for the automated processing of the results and the survey implementation in the form of an assessment system based on WEB-technology have been suggested.

Keywords: expert survey, mobile devices, stages of evaluation, fuzzy logic, questionnaire form.

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