Methodological principles of designing online publishing houses

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Senkivskyi V. M., Юхимчук Р. В., Kalynii I. V. № 1 (62) 19-28 Image Image

In the 80s of the last century, computer technology began to be actively introduced into publishing practice. The emergence of “desktop publishing systems” (DTP, from the English Desktop publishing) was revolutionary for desktop publishing and book distribution. The main achievement that led to their creation was the development of an Apple Macintosh personal computer with a graphical interface that allows one to see the final version of the project on the display screen, as well as use the “mouse” to enter corrective commands.

In recent years, online platforms have become very popular, among which online publishing houses are considered to be the closest to publishing. The purpose of such publishers is not only to produce an e-book, but also to provide authors with opportunities to place publications on online book platforms, to make this process more accessible, as it is important to create a platform on which all components of the work will be collected. A suite of desktop publishing software that includes a text editor, graphics, and layout software is used by online publishers.

The recommended article is one of the first publications on the presented topic, in which an attempt is made to outline the methodological principles of designing online publishing houses taking into account the systemic aspects of the use of technical components, software components and programming languages. The main goal is to create an online publishing platform, the technical component of which is an integral part of the design process. A rational solution in this situation would be to use a service-oriented SOA architecture, the main principle of which is the construction of applications whose components are independent and distributed across different network nodes and easily replaced by service applications. SOA defines how to design, develop, integrate and manage discrete units of logic (services) in a computing environment.

Keywords: online publishing, text editor, layout, graphic content, software ap­pli­ca­tion, business process, platform, design method, service-oriented architecture, mic­ro­dreams.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2021-1-62-19-28

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