Methods of assessing the acquisition of competences of distance learning students

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Bandura V., Khrabatyn R., Pasieka M., Pasieka N. № 2 (53) 120-126 Image Image

This paper considers an empirical method of determining the optimum time for testing of students’ knowledge. It is determined statistically using the method of Himmelblau, that is, the exclusion of anomalous values. The time of testing for students of different levels of training has been determined. After all, the time given for testing, affects not only testing itself but the correctness of evaluation of a student in a particular discipline, our own test has been developed for the improvement of the testing time calculation. Some hypothesis has been put forward, the statistical study has been conducted, a mathematical model has been developed. After the correction of software the optimal time of the student’s work has been defined and mathematically proved.

Keywords: testing time, research, education, assessment of competence, knowledge.

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