On the formation of the system of indices to determine the level of the enterprise social and labor security

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The article deals with the personnel security concept and its relationship with the social and labor safety as one of the constituent elements of the economic security. Five groups of indices to assess the state of social and labor safety have been defined and formed. They include salaries and bonuses, the staff stability and loyalty, its efficient use, the level of education and safety skills improvement.The limit values of these elements have been analyzed and the map of safety parameters analysis has been made, allowing to compare actual and normative value ratios. The total integral index of social and labor safety has been offered.

Monitoring and the enterprise management of social and labor security level provide for determination and elimination of the weaknesses in the system of the “enterprise-staff” interaction to achieve harmony between the managing staff and employees, to increase the labor productivity and business efficiency.

Keywords: personnel security, social and labor security, “enterprise-staff” system, limit values of indices, integral index of social and labor safety.

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