Paradigm of management and marketing aspects in modern entrepreneurship of publishing and printing industry

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The results of the research of literary sources on the issues of constitutional law and the influence of factors on the constitutional culture are presented. The mission of publishing houses and printing enterprises in the modern development of the Ukrainian state is shown. By-laws, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers concerning the publishing and printing industry are analysed. In accordance with these acts, publishing houses and printing companies must be competitive and adapted to modern business conditions. The tendency to decrease of printing enterprises, publishing houses, book distribution organizations is shown.

According to the mission of publishing houses and printing companies, their competitiveness should increase. The importance of modern management and marketing aspects for achieving the set goals is shown. The essence of certain management aspects and their application in practice is revealed.

In practice, to increase the competitiveness of publishing and printing companies an important role is given to the work of team members. Team work can give excellent results, especially when it comes to solving complex problems that so often arise during the division of labour. Team members in group work are not only a means of solving problems, but also an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, the skills to work in different production situations. Creating a team does not mean solving the problem. Tips that provide team feedback to the entire organization ensure that the decisions are made. The productivity of the whole team depends primarily on how its work is organized.

In cases when the team has decided to develop projects, the company must begin drawing up a business plan. The article presents the requirements for a business plan development.

It is emphasized that in order to achieve the company goal, to increase its competitiveness, it is necessary to mobilize the efforts of all employees – from the company president to junior staff. Tasks must be specific and have a quantitative value.

In order to adapt the publishing industry to market relations, their reforms, it is indicated on the need to involve the staff in the management of modern entrepreneurship who have improved their skills in accordance with modern requirements or received the education in accredited educational institutions in Ukraine or abroad. The requirement for the company management is the ability to create a team spirit. The evaluation characteristic of the team is presented.

The role of business plans in the development of strategies, guidelines for the company is shown. A brief description of the business plan is presented, its typical structure is given. The most important characteristic of a business plan is its persuasiveness. Such a plan requires the skills and experience, it should be a bestseller among other similar plans offered to investors by competitors.

The study shows that professional management mobilizes and directs the energy of the company’s staff to achieve goals and mission.

Keywords: society, legal relations, market, law, publishing houses, enterprises, management, marketing, business plan.

doi: 10.32403/1998-6912-2021-1-62-176-182

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