Peculiarities of the national character influence on the enterpr ise corporate culture forming

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Fesh M. S., Tsykvas Kh. R., Zaporozhan L. P. № 1 (50) 152-158 Image Image

With the rapid growth of competition among enterprises across the city, country, world, the effective management of labor group becomes an important issue, forming a successful model of corporate culture and motivation of each employee and setting goals for the organization as a whole. The urgency of this issue is determined by the crisis phenomena in today’s economy and that the company, being a coordinated system is able to overcome the influence of negative factors on the economic life of society.

The paper examines the influence of the Ukrainian mentality and national character itself on the enterprise culture formation. The main characteristics of the Ukrainian “corporate spirit” and the models functioning at modern national enterprises have been described.

Keywords: corporate culture, mentality and management team.

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