The theoretical approaches to the classical literature publishing (modern considering of the editorial heritage of M. Bazhan)

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Chernysh N. I. № 1 (50) 349-357 Image Image

The activity of the outstanding Ukrainian poet, academician M. Bazhan, while preparing of the Ukrainian and foreign works for publishing has been analyzed. His editorial work in compiling and processing of the collections of Ukrainian masters of word ((H. Skovoroda, H. Kvitka-Osnovjanenko, I. Kotljarevskyi and others), se­pa­rate foreign editions has been highlighted. A special attention has been paid to his editing, publishing and textological preparation of «The Poet’s Library» and «The Ukrainian Literature Library» series, taking a special place in his legacy and reflecting his original approaches to the publishing embodiment of his predecessors’ literary heritage. The importance of Bazhan’s experience for contemporary fiction publishers has been emphasized.

Keywords: classical literature, series, textological study, literary critical analysis, publishing embodiment.

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