Yasinska-Damri L. M.

Year Author(s) Title Number
2022 Yasinska-Damri L. M.
Liakh I. M.
Durniak B. V.
Бабічев С. А.
Hybrid inductive model of gene expression profiles clustering based on SOTA algorithm № 1 (64)
2021 Yasinska-Damri L. M. Method of the proximity degree of complex objects evaluation on the basis of the modified index of mutual information maximization № 1 (62)
2021 Yasinska-Damri L. M. Inductive hybrid model of data clustering using density-based algorithms № 2 (63)
2016 Ohirko I. V.
Ohirko O. I.
Yasinska-Damri L. M.
Yasinskyi M. F.
Іnformation technologies and models of corrosion measurement for surface layers of metals № 1 (52)