Sabat V. I.

Year Author(s) Title Number
2022 Durniak B. V.
Sikora L. S.
Lysa N. K.
Sabat V. I.
Categorical models of representation of the structure of aggregates and data transmission channels in the hierarchy of complex systems № 2 (65)
2021 Sabat V. I.
Драгомірова В. Т.
Development of an intrusion detection system for the protection of printing companies and publishing houses № 2 (63)
2020 Sabat V. I.
Мацюк В. В.
Musiiovska M. M.
Каневська Н. І.
Development of access control system to documents in ADMS for publishing houses № 2 (61)
2019 Lysa N. K.
Navytka L. M.
Sabat V. I.
Sikora L. S.
Tupychak L. L.
Information and cognitive concepts of the intellectual activity processes of a person during decision making in crisis conditions № 2 (59)
2011 Durniak B. V.
Nazarenko O. M.
Sabat V. I.
Способи використання інформаційних компонент для каліграфічних моделей № 4 (37)