Issue number 2 (65) / 2022


Durniak B. V.
Sikora L. S.
Lysa N. K.
Sabat V. I.
Categorical models of representation of the structure of aggregates and data transmission channels in the hierarchy of complex systems Read more
Hileta I. V.
Білас Ю. Ю.
Status and problems of quality assessment of information systems Read more
Зацерковний Р. Г.
Maik V. Z.
Criteria for accessibility of publications for readers with visual impairments: a review Read more
Havrysh B. M.
Tymchenko O. V.
Борзов Ю. О.
Kobevko A. T.
Technology of anonymous networks Read more
Lutskiv M. M.
Huk I. B.
Федина Б. І.
Modelling of tone reproduction during de-rasterisation with elements of round shape Read more
Kovalskyi B. M.
Holubnyk T. S.
Maik L. Ya.
Dubnevych M. M.
Study of image reproduction quality on wide-format materials Read more
Hrabovskyi Ye. M.
Кірєєва Ю. О.
Methodology of project presentation on BEHANCE (on the example of LMS design) Read more
Криховець О. В.
Slobodianyk V. H.
Exploitation properties of pellicles based on polyvinyl alcohol Read more
Topolnytskyi P. V.
Kolomiiets A. B.
Shustykevych A. I.
Study of the parameters of cardboard blanks’ stack lifting devices in the printing equipment Read more
Четербух О. Ю. Study of the elastic deformation amount of the flat die-cutting press parts being in constant contact Read more


Sosnovska O. O.
ХамулаО. Г.
Analysis of influence of external factors on the cost management process at the enterprise Read more
Bazyliuk V. B.
Світлицький В. А.
Скарбарчук Т. В.
Theoretical aspects of the formation of the enterprise competitive potential assessment approach Read more
Bezpalko I. R.
Bazyliuk V. B.
Internet marketing in the activities of publishing and printing enterprises Read more